Food Moves!

Food Safety During Importation and Distribution

Tennessee Food Safety Task Force Annual Seminar

JUNE 2, 2016
Sheraton Music City Hotel
Nashville, TN

We know that food moves further and faster than ever creating challenges for food safety professionals. Representatives from regulatory agencies, academia, and food industries took some time in June to discussion the rapid movement of food through importation and distribution. More than 120 attendees listened to discussions of outbreaks related to imported foods, methods for tracing contamination through the global supply chain, and perspectives from importers, distributors and retailers. The program highlighted below has links to presentations which we were allowed to post. We hope you will join our distribution list so you can learn about upcoming educational opportunities from the Tennessee Food Safety Task Force by emailing Faith Critzer,

Outbreaks Caused by Imported Foods, Kristina Angelo, CDC

New Tools for Tracing Contamination Through the Supply Chain, Bill Wolfgang, Wadsworth Lab, NY

Importing Food: Food Safety, Ryan Hollingsworth, Gateway America

Distributing Food: Food Safety During Distribution, John Zimmermann, Sysco

Manufacturing Food:  Supply Chain, Supplier Verification, and Preventive Controls, General Mills

FSMA: Foreign Supplier Verification Program and Sanitary Transportation, Ruth Dixon, FDA

Food Service: Import and Distribution and the Impact of FSMA, Dale Yamnik, YUM!

Retail Food Industry: Import and Distribution and the Impact of FSMA, Hilary Thesmar, Food Marketing Institute